At Shape Street, we specialize in unique event decor and furnishings for the live entertainment industry. As one of the leading event decor manufacturers in the business, we cater to the needs of event planners worldwide. Every product we develop incorporates the latest design trends and is functional, easy to setup and breakdown. From illuminated dance floors to elaborate stages and lounge furniture, our portable event decor systems can create almost any type of structure you can imagine.

What We Do

Shape Street is your source for functional event furnishings and party lounge decor. We manufacture a line of event decor systems that transform any ordinary space into a great event. Whether you need a multi-level stage or an illuminated dance floor, we have a product line that can accommodate any need. Each of our products is multi-functional with a sleek and modern design. Like building blocks, each individual product line will work with another. Allowing you to create any type of LED illuminated structure imaginable.

Why Us

We stay on top of the trends and provide the highest quality of functional and stylish products at an unmatched price. Shape Street designs, builds and assembles our furniture by hand at our facility located on Long Island, NY. Each of our product lines embrace ingenuity that will have your clients asking for more  As your reliable partner in event planning and party rentals, we help take your events to the next level.



The BLOC series is an event decorating system made from stackable blocks. Event designers can use each BLOC as a stand alone piece, or join them together to create almost any type of structure imaginable. Create concert stages, illuminated dance floors, DJ booths, LED lit walls or trade show booths with ease. Check out the possibilities…

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The BASE System comes in a variety of “table base” heights. Each work with an assorted line of interchangeable table top accessories. Create amazing cocktail lounge areas and illuminated portable bars with minimal setup and breakdown. Learn more…


Create a 14ft diameter round sectional bar in no time with our exclusive CURVE Series. Designers can create a variety of curved wall configurations, arches and illuminated tunnels with this unique system. All possible with this unique series of curved interchangeable components. Offering more versatility to our other product lines. Check it out here…

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Create private dining rooms, decorative lounge seating, or even a photo-booth with our unique and versatile CABANA series. Learn more…


A great event engages all senses and a music is a must. But who wants to look at the sound equipment, wiring and the huge nests of extension cords needed to run the show? Let us introduce the FRONTBOARD series. This exclusive line of DJ facades will conceal all the back end tech that can detract from the amazing event space you created.  Tell me more…

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Stand back, turn on the lights, and watch your event space come to life.  Our modular event furnishing and decor systems not only look amazing, they are extremely durable and easy to set up and clean. Withstanding high-heels, colorful cocktail spills and long dance parties.

We offer a variety of luxury event decor options and catering accessories at wholesale prices. Our team of professionals will consult you on how to rent our products for a one-off event or what may be a wise investment for your business. Our primary goal is to better serve our customers. Whether you are an event planner or business owner, we can help you take any space from ordinary to extraordinary.