The BLOC series is an event décor system composed of a few interlocking, interchangeable and stacking pieces.

Use the BLOC series to build stages and dance floors with ease. The BLOC series is an event decorating system made from stackable blocks. Event designers can use each BLOC as a stand alone piece, or join them together to create almost any type of structure imaginable. Pretty much anything you can think of building with stackable and interlocking blocks.

Each BLOC consists of a hollow box frame constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum tubing. Then assembled with durable ABS plastic connectors.

Our exclusive assembling process eliminates the need for welding — with an even stronger joint. Allowing us to use a thin walled tube to make each BLOC frame extremely light and easy to repair. 

Typical Event Décor Application

+ Dance Floors
+ Stages
+ Walls
+ Bars
+ Fashion Runways

BLOC series group

BLOC starter kits

Each started kit has everything you need to create a stand-alone stage. Each kit includes a single box frame measuring 24in wide by 24in deep with three different height options — 8in, 16in or 24in tall. Also included are:

  • 1 box frame measuring 24in wide by 24in deep
  • 3 different height options — 8in, 16in or 24in tall
  • 4 translucent acrylic side panels
  • 1 thick acrylic top


The top rests securely on the frame without the need of hardware and the acrylic side panels adhere with Velcro tabs. The translucent color of the acrylic is essential in creating a balanced saturation and distribution of light. Accessories are available to extend the use of the each BLOC to further your ability to create unique structures that always make a dramatic impression!