Shape Street specializes in innovative and unique illuminated event furnishing and decor designs for some of the entertainment industry’s most elite clientele. As one of the leading acrylic illuminated event furniture manufacturers and custom lounge dećor fabricators in the industry, we craft event furnishings that incorporate cutting-edge technology with the latest design trends.

What We Do

Whether it’s for large public shows or intimate private parties, you can count on Shape Street to provide multi-functional modular event and party lounge furniture designed to instantly transform any venue into an inviting and stylish space — from Shabby Chic to sleek and modern. As your reliable national partner in event planning and party rentals, we believe in forging mutually beneficial relationships to deliver functional event furniture and dećor solutions for all your needs.

Why Us

We believe in providing our clients with only the highest quality products available on the market. That’s why Shape Street designs, builds and assembles our furniture in our own state-of-the-art facility located on Long Island, NY. As both the product designer and manufacturer, we are able to design and deliver custom made products directly to our clients — at a price below the competition — without sacrificing quality or ingenuity.



The BLOC series is an event dećor system composed of a few simply designed interlocking, interchangeable and stackable pieces. Typically used as stages or dance floors, they can be used as a single piece, or joined together with use of clips to create a multi-level stage, dance floor, DJ booth, trade show booth, or pretty much anything you can think of of building with stackable blocks. Check out the possibilities… 

Alt Text
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Multi-height table bases with a proprietary line of interchangeable table top accessories that create amazing cocktail lounge areas with minimal setup and breakdown – Learn more…


Create a 14ft diameter round sectional bar, elaborate curved walls and entranceway arches, all possible with a series of curved interchangeable components that offer more versatility than the standard “right-angle”.  Check it out here…

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Interchangeable sofa and lounge chair sectionals with removable and durable slip-cover options that come in an array of different colors . Your event space looks amazing, so let’s make it comfortable too! Learn more…


A great event engages all senses and a music is a must, but who wants to look at the sound equipment, wiring and the huge nests of extension cords needed to run the show? Let us introduce FRONDBOARD, our exclusive line of interlocking panels that will help conceal all the back end tech that can detract from the amazing event space you created.  Tell me more…

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Stand back, turn on the lights, and watch your curated creation come to life.  Our modular furnishing and decor systems not only look amazing, they are extremely durable, easily to clean and withstand high-heals, colorful cocktail spills and long dance parties.



Our custom furnishing department creates stunning pieces from almost any material imaginable.

Woodwork  •  Lighting  •  Plastics  •  Foam  •  Composites  •  Metalwork  •  Stone  •  Concrete  •  Mechanics 

Shape Street carries a variety of luxury event furnishings and catering accessories at an affordable price. Whether you are an event or wedding planner or business owner, our signature collection of modular Cubeus Systems and Catering Couture accessories will transform any space or event from ordinary to extraordinary


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